Pierre Hotel’s $120K-a-Month Room Comes with Butler, Chauffeur

A room with a butler and a chauffeur, read article by Gabe Zaldivar published in travelpulse

If you are in the market for a new abode and have roughly the GDP of a small country to burn, you might consider staying at the posh Pierre Hotel in New York City, which will run you $120,000 a month.

reports a one-bedroom apartment of note is now available at the famed Pierre, which comes with several amenities for the rich Manhattanite on the go.

Gardner explains the $120,000 price nets you quite the comfort, saying this “1,100-square-foot apartment comes with butler service, a chauffeur-driven Jaguar.”

And you are staying at one of the more lavish hotels in the city, which is profiled in the following video:

As stated in the video shot back in 2011, the hotel had just undergone a $100 million refurbishment, so you are getting a new look with a great deal of classic décor. Then again, we are just trying to make you feel better about dropping over a million dollars a year on a one-bedroom apartment.

Then again, it could be worse.

Gardner states the hotel also houses a six-bedroom suite that recently went for $500,000 a month. Though that price is what some who own their own private jets might consider a real steal.

Gardner states, “When priced by square foot, the one bedroom is even more expensive than a full floor unit that was rented for $500,000 per month in December.”

We are generally kicking ourselves for not getting a deposit in on that one last year.

Gardner spoke with Town Residential broker Andres Perea-Garzon who explained why someone might want to drop that much coin on this listing: “This is the epitome of luxury. Not only will you enjoy sweeping park and city views from a corner suite perched above the world, you have access to the finest services available.”

In all seriousness, The Pierre is perfectly situated to provide a respite with a walk around the iconic Central Park and is centrally located for trips around town.

There is no reason to ever take the subway with your own car service, and a butler will come running when you are the slightest bit parched.

If you happen to have a Scrooge McDuck vault in the backyard, we suggest you open it up and consider staying in some truly stunning accommodations.

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