Fairy Tale Castles In Scotland

Things are changing in Scotland and they’re changing fast. After all, this beautiful green landscape might not even be a part of the United Kingdom for very much longer. It’s about time we all lifted our heads and started to appreciate just how majestic and invigorating a place Scotland can be. As Guardian journalist Steve Chinn points points, Scotland is well known for its frank and open ceremonies – gay marriage is now legal, as are humanist weddings. In Scotland, love is love no matter what shape it may take.

Fortunately, the country is filled with beautiful wedding venues – gardens, cathedrals, churches, stately homes, lakes, beaches and castles. It’s that last choice that seems to tempt so many wide eyed couples into a Scotch ceremony. There’s nothing quite like tying the knot in a castle, it seems. Scotland is bursting with them – it’s a land of castles. Castles have shaped the history of the region and now they shape the fairy tale ceremonies of countless starry eyed lovers.

Sherbrooke Castle, Glasgow

According to the experts at WeddingVenuesInScotland.co.uk, Sherbrooke Castle is located right on the edge of Glasgow and has had multiple lives. It has been a stately home, a navy stronghold, a training centre and a hotel – that last reincarnation is currently working very well indeed. It was built in the 19th century, but now offers visitors and wedding parties the run of its stately function rooms, sweeping gardens and private loch. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet and peaceful to tie the knot, you’ll find it at Sherbrooke Castle. Its rooms are extremely opulent and can cater for up to 200 guests. A wedding in this rather remarkable castle is bound to be a wedding to remember.

Kinnettles Castle, Angus

This imposing structure was built in the 15th century and is situated in the moody, windswept hills of Angus. The region itself is staggeringly beautiful – it’s right next door to Dundee and very close to the Scottish Highlands. The landscape surrounding Kinnettles Castle is quite dramatic, though the building itself is very easily accessed. The owners of this fairytale castle,amazingvenues.co.uk offer guests the chance to bask in total luxury, says Hitched.co.uk. The castle has its own catering team, a huge amount of private land and various 15th century outhouses that function as additional guest rooms. In fact, there’s not much that you could want for at Kinnettles Castle, even if you are planning to hold an entire wedding there. There are beauty therapists and a wedding planner on site – just in case the stress gets to you and you need a little extra help. Whatever it is that you want, the staff at Kinnettles Castle will do all that they can in order to get it for you.

Dundas Castle, Edinburgh

Dundas Castle is another very old structure. Like Kinnettles Castle, it was built in the 15th century and now operates as a luxury hotel and retreat. In fact, it used to function as a private retreat in times of peace, so it’s contemporary role is actually rather traditional. These days, it’s more famous for its lavish wedding ceremonies. Many a couple has left Dundas Castle gushing about its candle lit spiral staircase, private library and huge open fires. The site also benefits from more than 100 acres of private land and its own forest. It’s difficult to be unsatisfied at Dundas Castle – it might even be a statistical improbability. It’s everything you could ever want for your fairytale wedding day.

Author Bio: Kevin Maddox has been a wedding planner for eleven years. Two years ago, he married his long term partner at Kinnettles Castle, which he found via AmazingVenues.co.uk. He can usually be found comparing fabric swatches or discussing colour schemes with clients.

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