Finding The Perfect Business Event Venue

It can be tricky choosing the perfect location for a business event. It’s not like choosing a suitable environment for a wedding or a birthday party – there are some very specific criteria that must be fulfilled. A good business venue has to be spacious and practical, but it’s also got to be quiet and have good acoustics. There can’t be any outside noise, yet the sound in your chosen venue has to carry well in order for speakers to be heard and understood.

There are many things that you must consider when choosing the perfect business event venue, says journalist Jennifer Goforth Gregory.How important is this event? What goals and ambitions is it designed to fulfil? Is there a lot riding on the success of this particular event or is it simply a corporate treat for loyal employees? The type of venue that you choose will no doubt depend on the answer to these questions. Here’s a guide to some of the things that you might want to think about when picking the perfect business event venue.


All business events have to have some degree of privacy about them, but they don’t all have to be held on a private island in the middle of the Atlantic. It all depends on the type of event that you’re planning to hold. If it is a celebratory event for employees or it is a specifically designed team buildingevent – the issue of privacy is not all that important. There would no problems associated with holding your event in a regular function room, hotel or town hall type venue. If, however, your business event is extremely important to the continued success of your company, or you are planning to entertain very high profile clients – privacy is going to be an important factor. Fortunately for you, there are indeed private islands, like Spitbank Fort, available for corporate hire and you can book and organise a business event to be held on one of these islands.

To Cater Or Not To Cater

If you’re going to hold on to employees or clients for longer than a couple of hours, it’s polite and advisable for you to provide them with some snacks, say experts from the Canadian Business Journal. Again, if this is a run-of-the-mill event, there’s nothing stopping you from organising the catering yourself or getting somebody that you know to organise it. This isn’t entirely advisable for high profile events – important clients probably won’t be insulted by standard catering but they might not be quite as impressed as you’d like. Find out if the venues you are considering offer catering as an included or additional option – it could be worth purchasing food as part of your event package.

Audiovisual Needs

This might sound like an obvious factor to consider but you’d be surprised at just how many company heads book venues for business events, only to find out later that these venues don’t support their software. Fortunately, most venues do make use of electronic presentation aids these days, and you’d be hard pressed to find one that can’t support a basic corporate or media set-up, say the experts at Yellow Pages. Do make sure to ask a venuebefore you go ahead and book it though – it’s always better to be sure. Things like lighting rigs, overhead projectors and whiteboard facilities will vary from venue to venue. Don’t forget that broadband speeds will vary too – if you need a super fast connection, pick a venue that has a reliable internet speed.

Author Bio: Kevin Maddox organises corporate events for large enterprises and high profile clients. He can also be found blogging about corporate issues on his personal business website. He recommends Spitbank Fort to any company looking for an entirely exclusive and private business venue.

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