Plaza Perfection

Guest Post by Phoebe Yates of Chic Travel

When considering what to write for this week’s Chic Travel blog post I was thinking of certain hotels that I love around the world. I then stumbled upon Le Plaza Athenee; there are only three of them dotted around the world in Bangladesh, New York and Paris.

The reason that I chose this hotel out of so many, to review was because of the interiors. Normally I am a sucker for sleek modern interiors, but all of that was thrown out the window with the Parisian Le Plaza Athenee.

The interiors for me are a key selling point whenever I’m booking a place to stay, call me fickle or rather chic conscious… For me the Plaza Athenee stood out because of the seamless mix of luxury and a more opulent and renaissance style aesthetic. It’s more refreshing than the minimalist whiteness of many so-called ‘luxury’ hotels and can look outdated and uninspiring. The Plaza is colourful and mixes a palate of textures so varied it makes you want to go up to everything and fondle it lovingly.

These pictures show not only the opulence and color but also that the level of care does not waver depending on your price range (although all are higher than standard). You get the special treatment within whichever room you stay although the suites are something to behold!

From the outside it is relatively un-imposing with a small entrance and cute red awnings above the ground floor windows. And ivy delicately winding its way up the outside of the building and also within the gorgeous central court and the continuing red color scheme of the outside awnings.

The fact that this hotel is located in Paris only adds to the chicness of it all and the classic lines of the whole place only serve to affirm the stylishness of the Parisians.

To the other facilities of the hotel, there is a beautiful Dior Institute spa which offers a selection of treatments and products to buy. There is a sauna, steam baths and mini pool and tea rooms serving smoothies, juices and hot drinks, all set in this beautiful background.

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