Relax at Armani Hotel Dubai’s Spa

The Armani Hotel Dubai invites you to pamper yourself at their Armani/Spa by offering personalized treatments designed to fit the time you have available, in order to deliver an enjoyable and therapeutic experience. You can choose from a selection of services within the Stillness, Freedom, and Fluidity treatment categories.  The Stillness category consists of spa treatments which serve to create moments of stillness, peace and relaxation.

Choose to receive a 50 or 80 minute flowing classical Face Massage that lifts stress from your face and underlying muscles, nurturing your complexion as well as soothing your emotions.This technique is especially helpful for dehydrated or dry skin. You can also select a 50 or 80 minute Texture Body Wrap, a soft natural sisal gloves will buff your skin and an intense white hydrating body mask will be applied to condition your body. The use of organic cotton, linen, and wool body sheets will provide heat as desired to infuse enriching skin serums and essential Armani Jasmine oil into your skin. The last option within the Stillness treatment category is a relaxing 50 or 80 minute Massage with Armani fragranced oil of Jasmine. The slow comforting technique delivers a deep relaxing massage, which can induce sleep and relieve muscle tension. You also have the option of combining treatments, or choose to stay at the spa for a half or whole day! For more information, visit the Armani Hotel Dubai website.

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