Speak Easy and Look Fashionable at Drumbar

If you’re looking for a place that has a sophisticated edge, dress code, and drinks, then look no further than Drumbar. Located at the top of Hotel Raffaello, this 18 story high up location has become the precedent for speakeasy bars. With an outdoor garden terrace, spectacular city views, and delicious drinks Drumbar perfects these aspects for every season. However, only come if you’re ready to dress up. With a strict dress code and a new manager that exudes style, you will want to dress to impress. The style icon Lono Brazil has become the new door manager of Drumbar and is looking forward to seeing what fall fashion is offering. He likes trench coats, solid sweaters, and skinny jeans. Quality and fit are also important. So grab some cute shoes and a warm coat and head to Drumbar where you can get a drink and become fashionably inspired. For a full interview with Lono Brazil go here.

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