How to Find the Best Hotels in Athens

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Athens is a tourist-friendly city that has a variety of hotels, guesthouses, hostels, and rental apartments. Tourists can find exactly the type of accommodations that they desire since there is something in Athens for people in every budget range. Since Athens is a rather large city with several different areas that are of interest to tourists, staying in a central district or an area that is near one of the city’s subway stations is the best strategy. Luckily, most hotels are located in these types of convenient locations. Modern four star and five star inns are part of the hotel menu in this Greek metropolis, but so are aged-but-well-kept guesthouses, which might provide a more-attractive experience for those who are looking for a hotel that offers a more authentic atmosphere and a more-welcoming feeling.

Here is where you should consider staying while in Athens.


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Hostels, hotels with very basic single rooms and dirt cheap shared dorm-style rooms, are the most budget-friendly places to stay in Athens. Athens Backpackers is a top choice in this category for several reasons. With shared rooms starting at €16, it is certainly one of the cheaper deals in town. 24-hour front desk service and wi-fi access are other positive traits of Backpackers. But the real selling point is the rooftop bar, which has views of the famed Acropolis. Even some luxury hotels can’t offer this kind of panorama to their guests. AthenStyle, a hostel with dorms and single rooms, does not have the same views as its competitor, but it does have a great atmosphere, competitive prices, and a basement bar with an impressive art gallery.

Budget Hotels

Athens has some very comfortable and very atmospheric budget hotels. For under €50, you can have a rooms with basic amenities and plenty of character. An example of the type of mid-range hotel available in Athens is the Hotel Arta in Omonia Square. This hotel offers double rooms starting at about €35. The nearby Hotel Elite offers a similar style of accommodation with plenty of character and an in-house restaurant and coffee shop.

Mid-range hotels

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When choosing a mid-range hotel in Athens, the main means of differentiation is location. The aptly-named Acropolis View Hotel sits in the shadow of the famous ruins, offering a great location and some very good rooms for less than €100 per night (for a single room). Some upper-level rooms at Acropolis View have balconies, a very nice amenity (well worth the higher per-night rate) for tourists who want to enjoy the views of this famous part of Athens. The upscale Kifissia area is another good place to look for quality hotels. It offers a variety of well-appointed accommodations, with many rooms coming in at around €100 per night (a good price considering the high quality of these hotels).

Luxury hotels

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The Royal Olympic Hotel is a good example of the luxury hotel offerings in Greece. This opulent inn has a large outdoor pool, an airy rooftop eatery, and an unbeatable location just steps away from the Temple of Zeus, one of the best attractions in the city. Visitors looking for a slightly more traditional-style inn that still offers plenty of luxury can try Pentelikon, a classic hotel in the suburban Kifissia area. Other options include the upscale hotels near Lykavittus Hill. The Athens Hilton is located in this area, as is the Saint George Hotel. Both of these are located near the famous hill in the trendy Kolonaki district.

Other options

Athens has a number of rental apartments and studios. These are basically rooms with kitchen facilities. They are a good idea if you want to save money by doing some self-catering or if you simply want to cook some of the amazingly fresh ingredients that can be obtained from the city’s markets and groceries. The aptly named Athens Studios, located near the Acropolis, is an example of this type of accommodation. For a little more money, you can even get a studio with a balcony that offers views of the Acropolis and the city skyline.

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