Must-See Vegas Shows

The world of Las Vegas might as well be dubbed the second city that never sleeps because there is always something to do. Whether it’s a show, a concert, or a performance, there is no way you will be able to tare your eyes away from the spectacular performances that are taking place. Here are some great shows going on now in great Vegas Hotels!


Italy comes to life at the Venetian Las Vegas. Venice is known for its variety, masks, and winding streets that lead you to something new around every corner. When staying at the Venetian, there is always something new around every corner, and masks galore.  The Venetian also offers its guests the  spontaneous and exciting Blue Man Group who is scheduled to perform nightly from now until September 30th. This show will take you on an adventure of paint, music, and spectacle.

In honor the Venetian mask, it is so fitting that The Venetian is showing Phantom, taking place from now until September 2. Enjoy the songs, costumes, and lyrics from the original in the new $40 million custom built theater. There are only four weeks left to see this signature performance! For something a little more soulful, the other headliner, aptly named, taking place is Soul2Soul featuring the dynamic country couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Watch and listen to them sing their classics as well as serenade each other to songs of love, or as the Venetian say, amore!


If you want even more Italian culture in your stay, take advantage of the hotel’s reward program and see another show:  Grazie! Might as well say grazie to whoever came up with this genius idea, because the more shows you attend, the more points you receive. You can get rewards like suite upgrades, fancy dinners, boutique shopping, and gambling perks. Go to the shows, and make the most of your experiences by being rewarded to do so!


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