Dive into the Art Scene in Paris


The Royal Monceau in Paris is the new chic hotel to be seen drinking a cappuccino, lounging in the spa and browsing through the art gallery. The Raffles location has the perfect mix of modern art and Parisian class. They feature artists in their in house Gallery called The Art District and add artistic flare to the public hotel lobby with the Contemporary- Art Bookstore called La Librairie des Arts.  You are sure to find creative inspiration in your hotel room at the Royal Monceau with a variety of art books at your disposal, and the hotels own art collection hanging on the walls.

The hotel has a collection of 285 prints that are available for purchase, just ask the hotel to put you in contact the artists and you can buy your own print. The Royal Monceau will never lose its artistic inspiration, because it can always draw from the winners of “Le Royal Monceau Contest for Young Photography.”

If you come to Paris to catch the latest movement or artistic trend don’t miss live broadcast Art Auctions presented at The Royal Monceau.  Participants can bid directly from the viewing room, and are provided catalogs of the collection currently up for bid by request of the hotel bookstore. This is truly an experience not offered at any other hotel in the world!

Although you may think this hotel is only art-centric, it has so much more to offer.  Music lovers need not fret about bringing their interments with them, as there are acoustic guitars in most of the hotel rooms! Don’t feel left out movie lovers, Raffles has not forgotten about you! The Royal has a state-of-the-art movie theater to fulfill your creative needs.  Share a cinematic experience with 100 others in this intimate theater that’s world class technology makes it the most modern movie theater in Europe!

Le Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris is an art lovers paradise, you are surrounded by creativity of every kind in this hotel, from artistic events, galleries, books and presentations all incased in the surreal surroundings of modern décor. If you are an aficionado, don’t miss this gateway into the Parisian artistic scene.

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