Get Acquainted with the Savoy Moscow

Open now for nearly one hundred years, The Savoy Moscow carries with its modern exuberance a rich history of luxury and prestige. Sumptuous interiors and neo-classical style of The Savoy exudes rococo aesthetics that surround the guest rooms, restaurant, lobby and ballrooms. The Savoy preserves its unique aura, one that both Moscowers and foreign visitors feel from the moment of arrival until departure.

The hotel was built by the Salamander Fire Insurance Company, and ever since a salamander has been the hotel’s symbol with its motto “never burnt in fire.” Associated intimately with the hotel, the owners – the Argamakov aristocratic family – have been known long before the 18th century construction of the building, and were always strong and devoted supporters. Though the era may have ended, the luxury of this hotel persists.

After extensive reconstruction in 1989, the historical hotel became the first in Moscow rendering service of the international level. Lately, the hotel has had the honor of welcoming plenty of world celebrities including outstanding Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti, an Italian opera star Lucia Aliberti, movie stars Richard Gere, Jane Fonda among other household names. We recommend you add your name to this list of guests! For more information, please visit The Savoy Moscow website.

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