Giving Recreation a New Meaning at the Caesar Park Buenos Aires

Choosing to spend your trip to Argentina at the Caesar Park Buenos Aires hotel is an experience we highly recommend. Taking a break from the bustling Argentinean city at Caesar Park offers guests a variety of unique amenities beyond the classics usually offered by luxury hotels: spas and fitness centers. We are very keen on letting you in on this hotel’s best-kept secret – all the luxurious recreational activities you can do right inside the hotel!

  • Sauna
  • Indoor heated pool
  • Wide range of massages
  • 1,600m² garden (where we highly recommend sipping a cool cocktail)
  • Beautiful Art Gallery
  • Tobacconist
  • Gift Shop
  • Bodega
  • Antiques Shop

We hope you choose to indulge in many of these recreational gems, as they are unique even for luxury hotels! For more information, please visit the Caesar Park Buenos Aires website.

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